The pace of housing development in Los Angeles continues to lag behind that of decades past, but construction booms in HollywoodKoreatown, and Downtown are reshaping the city’s skyline at a rapid clip.

To that point, a new survey from construction analyst Rider Levett Bucknall finds that the number of cranes at work around Los Angeles has jumped to 36 as of the beginning of July.

That’s seven more construction cranes than the city had when the firm last counted at the beginning of the year. Since then, work has wrapped on the Wilshire Grand—now LA’s tallest tower. But other major projects, including South Park’s two-tower 1212 Flower development and the Pershing Square-adjacent Park Fifth development, have begun to rise.

Only Seattle—in the midst of a historic development boom—boasts more cranes than Los Angeles, according to the new count. LA edged out Chicago and Denver, where 34 and 35 cranes are in operation, respectively, to take second place on the list. Portland, Oregon rounded out the top five with 32 cranes.

Of course, no U.S. city comes close to rivaling the amount of major construction now occurring in Toronto, where an astonishing 81 cranes are aiding a condo boom that has produced more than 90,000 units in just four years.